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Please find below the list of presenters who have allowed their presentations to be made available online. If you click on the presenters name you will be able to view a PDF copy of their slides.

Keynote Speakers

Steve Maharey

Wednesday 5th August - Research and Practitioner Sessions

1B - Tom Webb & Ngaire Ashmore

1D - Jane Gilbert & Danielle Myburgh

1F - Rose Hipkins

1G - Colleen Maguiness, Edith Chaney & Rosemary Mose

Wednesday 5th August - Workshops

 2A - Sheena Millar

2C - Marion Buckland & Kylie Taffard

2D - Linda Hutt

2E - Clive Francis

2F - Paul Bennett

2G - Rich Rowley

2I - Tara Kanj & Fiona Murphy

Thursday 6th August - Research & Practitioner Sessions

3E - Dr Graham McPhail

3F - Alana Madgeick, Carol Coddington, Sue Armstrong & Laura Friend

Thursday 6th August - Workshops

4D - Emma Kingston

4E - Gael Ashworth & Heather Aked

4F - Ian Vickers

4H - Alison Taylor

4I - Christina Thornley

Friday 7th August - Research & Practitioner Sessions

5A - Alana Madgwick, Carol Coddington, Sue Armstrong & Laura Friend

5D - Dr Graham McPhail

5E - Camilla Highfield & Karen Stimson

5G - Jaco Dreyer & Stephanie Harford

Friday 7th August - Workshops

6A - Peter Hampton

6B - Stella Bond

6H - Allyn Danzeisen

6I - Michele Larnder